Machine and Equipment
Machine and Equipment

CNC Vertical Machining Center

 3 Pcs

CNC Turning Lathes

 4 Pcs

Centerless Grinding Machines

 2 Pcs

Cylindrical Grinding Machines

 2 Pcs

Surface Grinding Machine

 1 Pc

Milling Machines

 1 Pc

Turning Lathe

 1 Pc

Tool Grinding Machine

 1 Pc

Cutting Machine

 1 Pc

Drilling Machines - With Gearbox

 1 Pc

Drilling Machines - Table

 2 Pcs

Drilling Machines - Tapping

 1 Pc

Quality Test Equipment

Hardness Tester

Surface Roughness Tester

Coating Thichness Measuring

Optical Measurement

Runout Gauge System

Granite Plate

Casting Plate

Digital Height Gauges

Gauge Block Set

Pin Gauses

Ring Gauges

Thread Gauges

Mikrometers - Inside

Mikrometers - Outside

Mikrometers - Depth

Mikrometers - Special


Calipers - Special

Incıcators Measurement

Incıcators - Runout


Measurment Stands


Radius Gauge

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