Our aim

In our products and services; Clients' demands and requirements meticulously, the most cost-reduced, most economically, the desired we tried to fulfill it in conditions and in time.

Our Vision

Every industrialist is from us; "quality service and product" always develop, renew and grow in our developing and renewing world.

Our Mission

To maintain the image of an honest and reliable company that we have launched as a group.

Our goal

As good as the concept of simplicity and balance of nature, without time limitation; every hour, every day and always in our lives to serve our trust.

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Who are we ?

As a subsidiary industry of automotive, machine, white goods, etc. sectors, import, export and production in the best quality are our made up principle. Goal of advancing in Turkish industry, we proceed with the concept of “Honest and Serious Service” in exporting, producing and selling the demanded industrial parts.

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