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As a subsidiary industry of automotive, machine, white goods, etc. sectors, import, export and production in the best quality are our made up principle. Goal of advancing in Turkish industry, we proceed with the concept of “Honest and Serious Service” in exporting, producing and selling the demanded industrial parts.

The trust of manufacturers is the biggest acquisition. In servicing with the professional staff, we apply systematically planning in each level of production, quality control and data-entry to our patrons in subsidiary industry production. In every stage, with the quality controls and tests, parts are produced in World Standards.

The target of unconditional customer satisfaction, our firm would like to leave permanent trace in our services. Our Production; Forging, casting, milling parts. Steel (circular, square, plate, hexagonal, etc.), metal sheet, cubic parts. Aluminum, bell metal, copper parts. Plastic elemental parts. Heat-treated parts. Coated parts. Painted parts. Machining, milling, drilling, grinding, welding, broaching, rubbing, rounding processing and productions.

In the way of modern business enterprise; we provide within education our high level production in business savvy. With the well-trained, delicate and determined high level quality manpower, solving the problems of industry and with the quality management, time management and work security, in manufacturing industry, we feel proud of finding fast and accurate answer to all questions. We would like to thank all our customers, who has given us the opportunity to reach where are now in Turkish industry.

Our Targets

• Reliable and unlimited production,
• Low Cost Production in manufacturing goods and services,
• On-time production demanded manufacturing goods and services,
• Harmonisation to the technological developments,
• Continuous training and improvements,
• Inovation of new products and services,
• Providence of unlimited services,
• Constantly innovation of quality,
• High level quality,
• Production in world standards,
• Production in economical costs,
• Delicate, organized and comfortable working envorinment.

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